Jessica Reposts from US Holocaust Memorial Museum

repost from @holocaustmuseumThe Germans devastated the Warsaw Zoo during their invasion of Poland in 1939. The #zoo, which flourished under Antonina and Jan Zabinski, was no longer a sanctuary for its animals. But soon it was the only lifeline for hundreds of people escaping the hands of the Nazis. With empty cages to spare, the couple smuggled in Jews from the #Warsaw Ghetto and hid them among the few remaining animals. Husband and wife played different roles in fighting the Nazis. Jan worked tirelessly with the Polish resistance, burying ammunition in the elephant enclosure and stashing explosives in the zoo’s animal hospital. Antonina cared for the zoo’s inhabitants––both human and animal. She sought to help her “visitors” thrive in hiding, encouraging them through play, music, and interaction with animals. “She redefines what it means to be a hero. Antonina’s representation of a hero uses love and compassion as a weapon against hate.”– Jessica Chastain, on her role as Antonina Zabinska in the film of the Zookeeper’s Wife, March 2017. To watch a discussion panel at USHMM with @jessicachastain click the link in our bio