Ruth Negga as Mildred Loving "People who are worried that no one will listen to them or that they don't have a voice, it just goes to show: everyone has a voice and everyone has the potential to change laws."

RUTH NEGGA (Mildred) was born in Ethiopia and raised in Ireland. Her body of work spans award-winning theatre productions, big-screen dramas, independent films, and innovative television series.

Ms. Negga (pronounced “ney-gah”) won the Irish Film & Television Academy (IFTA) Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of legendary singer Shirley Bassey in the telefilm Shirley, directed by Colin Teague. 

She starred on the acclaimed series Misfits and Love/Hate; and in the miniseries Coup (a.k.a. Secret State), directed by Ed Fraiman, with Gabriel Byrne, and Five Daughters, directed by Philippa Lowthorpe. She joined the Marvel Universe as Raina on the hit show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., for which she received an IFTA Award nomination. Currently, Ms. Negga stars in the lead female role of Tulip O’Hare on AMC’s West Texas-set series Preacher, the long-awaited adaptation of the graphic novel, opposite Dominic Cooper in the title role.

Her extensive theatre credits include Lolita, which was her stage debut, with Corn Exchange Theatre Company at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre; Duck, with Out of Joint at London’s Royal Court Theatre, for which she received an Olivier Award (the U.K.’s Tony Awards equivalent) nomination; Playboy of the Western World, at The Old Vic; Hamlet, at the National Theatre; Phaedre, also at the National Theatre, for which was honored with the Ian Charleson Award, given annually to young classical stage actors in Britain; Oedipus Loves You, at the Peter Pan Theatre; Lay Me Down SoftlyThe CrucibleThe Bacchae, and Burial at Thebes, all at the Abbey Theatre; and, at the Project Theatre, Titus Andronicus, for which she received the Irish Times Award for Best Actress.

She was named a Shooting Star at the 2006 Berlin International Film Festival. Moviegoers have seen Ms. Negga in, among other films, Marc Forster’s World War Z; David Weaver’s The Samaritan, alongside Samuel L. Jackson; Neil Jordan’s Breakfast on Pluto, for which she received an IFTA Award nomination; Richie Adams’ Una Vida (a.k.a. Of Mind and Music); Stephen Bradley’s Noble; John Ridley’s Jimi: All Is by My Side, opposite André Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix; Duncan Jones’ Warcraft; and, in the title role, Scott Graham’s Iona.


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Both Edgerton and Negga are beyond extraordinary.

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Undeniably great.

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“Jeff’s script is so beautifully written. This is a story that gets into your heart and touches deep wells of feeling. ”

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They weren’t martyrs, and didn’t want to be. They weren’t symbols, and didn’t want to be. They were two people in love who wanted to be with each other and their family.

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