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HuffPo's Marshall Fine with Jessica Chastain

Focus Features 09.06.2011

Huffington Post film writer Marhall Fine spoke with THE DEBT star Jesscia Chastain about her performance and the perils of being the Hollywood "it" girl. As Chastain quickly points out, "If you're the 'It' girl, that means that, soon, you'll be out of fashion. " But it's hard to imagine anyone who works as hard as Chastain being out of fashion. She goes on to talk about her study of dance helped her with Krav Maga, but not always: "There was a moment where my hand grazed his [Jesper Christensen's] chin accidentally. In that take, we both looked so fierce - but afterward, I gave this big gasp and covered my mouth with my hands. Fortunately, it was no big accident."